Dharan is an accredited Ovio Mindfulness facilitator and coach

He has a long-standing personal interest in how the relationship we have with ourselves determines the degree of wellbeing we feel, and how engaged we are with life and our work.

Dharan draws from rich experience working across diverse training fields, in a variety of cultures.

He is inspired by the evidence that being successful in life depends primarily on developing our emotional self-awareness, which guides us to create more meaningful, satisfying work. This benefits our relationships and supports improved health and energy.

The practice of mindfulness has had a significant positive impact on Dharan’s life, inspiring him to create a richer work-life balance. The gift of mindfulness is that it reminds us that the answers we seek lie within ourselves.

With postgraduate qualifications in education and professional development, and as a master trainer with international experience, he leads professional development workshops throughout NZ. He facilitates the development of more mindful work cultures where people feel valued, emotionally resilient and productive. As a coach and counsellor he supports personal growth for individuals.

“Dharan was exceptional, calm and confident. He was articulate and experienced, really effective and fun.“

Dharan finds great satisfaction in seeing people’s lives transform as they experience the benefits of becoming more mindful.

He lives and works in Wellington and Nelson with his wife, They have two adult children and two young grandchildren. He has a passion for kite surfing and exploring beaches, forests and rivers for the perfect photograph.