Covid -19 update All Ovio Mindfulness and stress management workshops are now available online.



Mindfulness One course (adults)


Instant access to our adults introductory mindfulness course

audiovisual presentations, meditations and exercises.

Learn at your own pace!


Rewire for Resilience course includes,

A.V. presentations, exercises and worksheets. (Ages 16-Adult)

More ease and less stress.


Deep dive or teach mindfulness - accreditation.


Deepen your own practice, become accredited to deliver Ovio Mindfulness courses.

Suitable for community or workplace settings.


Mindful kids Coach -certification course


Become certified to deliver Ovio Mindful kids
to parents and kids in an engaging, practical
and effective way.

Suitable for school or community settings.

*Deep dive or teach accreditation is a prerequisite for teaching kids commercially.

Join the Ovio Mindfulness Professionals Network

This professional membership is only offered to graduates of the Ovio Deep Dive or Teach accreditation program wanting to run Ovio Mindful kids or Ovio Mindfulness One courses commercially. This professional network provides the licensing and resources  needed to teach Ovio Mindfulness One and Ovio Mindful kids courses commercially. Upon invite only.


gordon roberts

I was better equipped to manage my stress and find space to lead with creativity and compassion.”

Dr. Gordon Roberts


“The whole experience was the best thing I have ever done… absolutely no regrets.”

Dan Carson

“Mindfulness has made parenting so much more enjoyable and rewarding. My sleep has also improved!”

Kim Kelly

“Ovio has been transformative for me. Where I would have previously felt stressed or anxious, I now feel calm.”

Nicole Kirkham