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Ovio Workplace Mindfulness combines neuroscience and psychology in an inspiring way to boost wellness, enhance performance and culture.

Just as we know the body can be strengthened by physical training, neuroscience shows us that our mind can be strengthened using evidence-based workplace mindfulness practises.


79% of employees
say they are disengaged,
leading to lower productivity,
innovation, and well-being.
Mindfulness training teaches
your staff to turn off the autopilot
and re-engage with the
tasks at hand.


75% of people leave their job because of poor relationships with their managers and cite reasons such as not feeling valued or supported.Create a culture of
authenticity, kindness and
creativity in your workplace by
improving communication
and interpersonal relationships.


Mindfulness teaches how
to respond wisely to stress and
allow more intelligent and creative
choices in challenging situations.
Reduced workplace stress leads
to improved well-being, and resilience.

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In person group sessions, live online group classes and video based training. Choose one or a combination.


Kristy and Cheryl are impassioned and engaging speakers that will inform, entertain and inspire your audience.


1:1 sessions for that extra edge, or for individuals experiencing challenges.


Whether you are leading yourself, your team or your organisation our  leadership programs are challenging and impactful.


If you’re in HR, a corporate leader, executive or team manager, our accreditation allows you to train others in your organisation and build teams of peak performers

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What our clients are saying...


Cheryl and her team of Mindfulness experts have worked with our business for the last year introducing the concept and techniques of Mindfulness to our staff. The impact they have made to those that have signed up to our in-house classes has been amazing – “It was life-changing” and “Thank you for allowing us the time during work to focus on our emotional wellbeing, enabling us to be the best we can be”. I look forward to continuing to work with Ovio to further embed the techniques into our workplace culture.”

Hannah Charles – Senior Organisation Development Specialist, for a Fortune 500 global corporation.


“Having done a number of mindfulness courses myself, it was really refreshing to complete one targeted at people working in corporate spaces and media companies and it was powerful hearing Kristy’s story, which is relevant to so many of us. The targeted course nature meant it was more practical than other courses, and offered lots of manageable ways to fit mindfulness into our busy work days. It was presented in an easy-to-understand way with lots of evidence.”

Fiona Ralph, Bauer Media


Ovio’s Mindfulness program significantly improved our workplace morale, our clients reported being happier with our service and I was better equipped to manage my stress and find space to lead with creativity and compassion. I would highly recommend Ovio Mindfulness if you are looking for a professional science based program.

Dr. Gordon Roberts, CEO Wellpets animal hospitals.


“The content is beautifully simple and backed by scientific research. The practical, no-fuss approach has been one of the factors that made this programme so popular amongst our staff. The ability to provide a programme that is practical, engaging and simple for people to implement is often underestimated. I have had several people tell me how they have now implemented the learnings from the programme into their life and how that has personally really helped them to move forward.”

Fiona McBryde, People and Experiences, Yellow Pages


Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ovio for introducing Waikare kitchen to mindfulness. We have found it to be valuable and indeed rewarding to be more aware and present. To be more focused on the things that are important, slow things down and consider the situation in on hand before acting. Ovio Mindfulness helps create clarity in what we do and how we behave.

– Sanj Kant Director, Waikare Kitchen.

media worls logo

 “Personal, clear, good, simple suggestions. I loved that the content was science-based and focused on the brain but with a real-life lens.”

Charlotte McLauchlan, Mediaworks


“It has been a pleasure working with Ovio. They have a down-to-earth, practical approach to well-being in the workplace (and at home), with people and the business in mind. Kristy (our facilitator) has a wealth of knowledge in this field and our team really enjoyed her presentation style. The content was relevant and interesting and staff were able to walk away with a tool kit that is simple to implement.”

Rhiannon McCleod, Bosch Home Appliances


“We had the privilege of introducing Mindfulness to the students through the excellent leadership of Cheryl Strawbridge. She was able to connect with students of all ages and presented the concepts in an accessible and understanding manner. I unreservedly commend Cheryl and her Mindfulness programs to you and am happy to speak further if requested.”

– Jenny Williams, Principal Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

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Cheryl Strawbridge, Founder and Program Designer

Cheryl Strawbridge, the founder and driving force behind Ovio Mindfulness, discovered mindfulness in 2008 when using it as a tool in her thriving consultancy practice. She quickly witnessed the profound transformational effects of mindfulness in both her clients lives and her own. A scientist by background (with a degree in Biochemistry and Psychology and extensive experience in the healthcare sector), Cheryl was inspired to create her own unique brand of Mindfulness.

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Kristy von Minden – Ovio Workplace Leader

Kristy von Minden is a certified Ovio Mindfulness teacher with a special interest in Neuroscience and she heads up Ovio Workplace. An experienced facilitator and keynote speaker, Kristy is regularly invited to speak at events and works with some of New Zealand’s leading businesses, supporting them with their wellness programmes to reduce stress in order to enhance health, happiness, productivity and creativity.

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Ovio’s Mindfulness programs are part of a global, evidence-based, mindfulness movement used in companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Apple and Harvard Business School to dramatically increase wellness, creativity and purpose-driven performance.