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 Create a better world for yourself and the children you live or work with



Coach Kids In Mindfulness

Can you imagine having to grow up in today’s world?

It’s easy to see how kids can become over reactive, depressed, anxious, angry and inattentive.

Doing nothing is not an option.

Practising mindfulness with children has been shown to improve key life skills allowing children to adapt and thrive in this fast paced digitally dependant world.


Certification And Resources

This training certifies you as an Ovio Mindful kids* coach.

Using the Ovio content and resources you’ll be ready to deliver our Ovio Mindful kids exercises and activities and stories in a way that suits your family or work environment.

If you are wanting to run commercial Ovio Mindful kids courses you will also need to complete the Deep dive or teach Mindfulness accreditation 

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Impact A Generation

Research shows mindfulness to be an effective antidote to the physical, mental and social impacts of our modern world.

You will learn paradigm changing concepts as well as how to integrate simple exercises, activities and stories to into daily routines.

Mindful kids coach course trains you to deliver mindfulness to kids in an engaging, practical and effective way.

Designed for children aged 4-12, Ovio’s simple, fun exercises enable kids to learn to aim and sustain attention, regulate behaviour, make good choices and form healthy relationships.


In creating our programme for kids, we knew it had to be simple, easy to implement and engaging. Key teachings and concepts are cleverly simplified onto concept, activity and story cards. Each card is designed to teach children a valuable life skill. The cards can be used individually to teach bite-sized lessons as the need arises or they can be grouped together for a structured mindfulness session.

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The teachings are split into four different categories.


In our fast-paced, digitally dependent world it is crucial that children learn to focus and sustain their attention in order to live a life of fulfilment.


A child’s ability to regulate emotions and control their own behaviour is vital in order to live a balanced grounded and productive life.


Being able to form healthy sustainable bonds and show active concern for others is a critical life skill.


These cards are used to enhancing children’s ability of perspective taking and decision making thus enabling them to live with empathy and meaning.



Wellbeing Advocates

Coaches, health care professionals, counsellors, yoga teachers  – if you have an existing practise or business and want to add value by adding Ovio Mindful kids course to your mix, Ovio Mindful kids coach course makes it easy to run mindfulness classes or integrate mindfulness into your existing offering.

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If you’re a teacher working with children our training will help both you and the children you embed crucial life skills as well as creating a more manageable and enjoyable classroom environment.


Parents And Carers

Practising mindfulness is not only good for you but also for your children. Ovio’s simple, fun exercises enable kids and adults to learn to  aim and sustain attention, regulate behaviour, make good choices and  form healthy relationships. Create a more harmonious happy home for yourself and your family.

Online Training fee $375 NZ includes:


4hrs Online

Watch and study our online videos and course guide to understand key mindfulness concepts, as well as how to guide children in simple fun activities and exercises to help with everyday dramas as well as creating empowering futures.


Mindful Kids Coach Certificate

Completing this training certifies you to deliver Ovio Mindful kids courses* in a way that suits your lifestyle, life experience and professional expertise. By emailing your response to a  certification task you will receive your coach certificate by post. 


Coach Resources

Upon sign up you will be given life time access to Ovio Mindful kids* training videos and audio content, a downloadable coach guide and a mindful kids activity book.

Kids cards need to be ordered separately via an email to


Ongoing Support

Upon completion of this course  course you will be invited to join our online mindfulness community for peer networking and  support.  


“I was always getting told off for not paying attention…Ovio Mindfulness taught me how to pay attention.”

“Now when I feel angry I can stop and breathe before I do something stupid.”

“I find it easier to make friends”

“Sometimes my parents argue and I show them how mindfulness can help”

“I was losing my tennis match so badly that I stopped and did a mindfulness exercise so I could clear my mind. I went on to win the game.”

“Now when I get anxious I know why. Sometimes I look at my mindful jar or focus on my breathing and it’s not such a big deal anymore.”

“When I am angry, I ground myself and it calms me down.”

“Being grateful makes me feel happier about my life”

“In 2015 we had the privilege of introducing Mindfulness to the students through the excellent leadership of Cheryl Strawbridge. She was able to connect with students of all ages and presented the concepts in an accessible and understanding manner. Cheryl also presented very successfully to a group of parents and daughters, many of whom have followed up further with her. I unreservedly commend Cheryl and her Mindfulness programs to you and am happy to speak further if requested.”
– Words from Jenny Williams, Principal Samuel Marsden Collegiate


Still have questions? For more information Call 027 664 6449 to talk to Cheryl Strawbridge or email

If you have a group who would like an Ovio training run in your area please get in touch.

For those of you looking to teach Ovio mindful kids* course  commercially  (In exchange for money) you will need to complete both Ovio Deep dive or teach mindfulness and Ovio mindful kids coach course.