Covid -19 update All Ovio Mindfulness and stress management workshops are now available online.


Mindfulness One Course

Instantly access our popular beginners mindfulness course for more clarity, wellness and joy.


Deep dive or Teach Mindfulness - Accreditation

Enrich your own life and that of others as you become accredited to deliver Ovio Mindfulness courses.

live classes

Mindful Kids Coach - Certification

Become certified to share Mindfulness
with kids in an engaging, practical
and effective way.

Find clarity in a busy world

Experience more joy and fulfilment.

beginner mindfulness course

Simple yet powerful techniques for daily life

With grounded, everyday life examples Ovio gives you practical and easy-to-use techniques to bring mindfulness into your daily routines at home, work and school.

Ancient wisdom backed by modern neuroscience

Evidence-based and secular, Ovio Mindfulness is for everyone. Designed by a Biochemist, our approach brings together science and tradition in an engaging, practical and inspiring way.

From beginner to accredited mindfulness teacher

We deliver mindfulness courses, in person and online, suitable for all stages and ages.

Start enjoying your life today!

Discover all the benefits of Ovio Mindfulness

health & wellnessIMPROVE WELLNESS
Enjoy better mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Feel calmer, more relaxed and less stressed.

sleep betterSLEEP BETTER
Enjoy a more restful sleep and increased energy.

Boost your productivity and performance at work.

Experience increased concentration and mental clarity.

Connect and communicate with others better.

gordon roberts

I was better equipped to manage my stress and find space to lead with creativity and compassion.”

Dr. Gordon Roberts


“The whole experience was the best thing I have ever done… absolutely no regrets.”

Dan Carson


“Mindfulness has made parenting so much more enjoyable and rewarding. My sleep has also improved!”

Kim Kelly


“Ovio has been transformative for me. Where I would have previously felt stressed or anxious, I now feel calm.”

Nicole Kirkham

Global companies are increasing employee wellness and performance with mindfulness

Ovio Mindfulness is part of a global, evidence-based mindfulness movement, which has seen companies such as Google, LinkedIn, Apple and Harvard Business School dramatically increase engagement and purpose-driven performance by adopting mindfulness training.

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