Membership of Ovio’s Mindfulness is based on trust, transparency and fairness as we work together to:

  • Empower people to wake up to the highest truest version of themselves and to inspire this in others.
  • To spread peace, harmony and wellness.

We value acceptance, non judgement, compassion and kindness. We encourage individual initiative, integrity, authenticity and uniqueness.

Use of this Ovio Mindfulness IP and this online facility is limited to yourself.

Please do not share this link or your password with anyone else.

Ovio’s Mindfulness membership

As a member you will receive;

  • Access and permission to use Ovio Mindfulness Professionals branding, Intellectual property and resources.
  • An invitation to join The Graduates Facebook group.
  • Access to all Mindfulness One training and marketing resources.
  • Access to Ovio Facilitators shop to exclusively purchase course journals and resources.

Facilitating Ovio Mindfulness

All Ovio Mindfulness Professionals must be accredited by Ovio. To achieve accreditation, you are required to complete the Deep dive or Teach Mindfulness training course. Ovio may require you to refresh your training and skills from time to time. All accredited facilitators running commercial Mindfulness courses using the Ovio resources or IP must be accredited by Ovio.

  • OM Network membership qualifies facilitators to deliver private and group Ovio Mindfulness One courses in public and workplace settings in person or via video conferencing software.
  • You are not authorised to deliver Ovio Mindfulness Courses by pre recorded video or audio content. Ovio is the only authority authorised to provide pre recorded video and audio versions of Ovio Mindfulness Content.
  • You are free to deliver courses to suit your schedule and in a context suitable to your qualifications and experience.
  • You are responsible for arranging a venue, paying any course related costs, and attracting your participants.
  • Where appropriate we may direct enquiries for Mindfulness training in your geographical or specialist area to the courses you have on offer.
  • Mindfulness One course participants should be encouraged to sign up to Ovio Online and the Ovio Facebook page for ongoing support.
  • We expect you to be well prepared and present Ovio Mindfulness Courses using the Ovio PowerPoint or Presenter slides and the Ovio journal.
  • You are not permitted to allow others to facilitate an Ovio Mindfulness One course on your behalf.

Ovio Branding, Intellectual Property and Resources

Ovio is a respected consultancy with an excellent reputation. We have a strong online and in person presence and it is important to all of us that we work together to maintain our credibility and reputation.

The Ovio Mindfulness course content, Ovio branding, resources and intellectual property should only be used as Ovio intends and as we have outlined in the terms and conditions.

Ovio reserves the right to remove the certification or accreditation of any facilitator and request the return of all Ovio branding, resources and intellectual property if they do not follow the guidelines in the terms and conditions.

  • If you are running commercial or in-house workplace Ovio Mindfulness One courses using Ovio branding, intellectual property and resources you are required to have completed an authorised Ovio accreditation course.
  • You can use the Ovio Mindfulness One logo in your advertising material
  • You can use the title Ovio Mindfulness Accredited Facilitator/Trainer
  • All Ovio material must be presented with the Ovio brand and copyright.
  • Ovio branded resources and material may be used within a larger brand context and with other materials. To ensure support and respect of all brands and intellectual property the brand distinction and differentiation of ownership should be to clearly acknowledge.
  • Ovio Mindfulness must only be run using the Ovio branded slides. The only exception to this is the addition of research slides specific to your specialist area.
  • Ovio Mindfulness course content must be presented by an Ovio Mindfulness Accredited Facilitator and follow the guidelines of the Accredited Facilitator training.
  • Only Ovio has the right to provide Ovio course content or IP online or in a digital, text or video format.
  • All Ovio Mindfulness One course participants must be provided with an Ovio Mindfulness journal and a link to join Ovio Online.

Ovio Mindfulness One in the workplace.

If you are interested in delivering Mindfulness One Workplace or use any of the Ovio content or teachings in a workplace environment it is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate experience and expertise to facilitate within the workplace.

Ovio Mindfulness for kids.

If you are interested in delivering Ovio Mindful kids courses you must have been trained by Ovio in this speciality area.

It is your responsibility to ensure you have the appropriate experience and expertise to work with children.

Ovio mindfulness is intended for personal development and should not replace medical advice.

Although there is some evidence that regular mindfulness practices can reduce stress and anxiety, we believe in an integrated approach to healthcare. If you or someone you care for is in need of healthcare advice it is important that you seek the advice of a healthcare professional. For more information in NZ : Visit NZ Mental Health Foundation: https://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/

Services scope

The Services to be provided by Ovio can be amended in writing (via email) at any time. Services may include teaching, mentoring and coaching related to personal and professional development.

These Services do not constitute medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. They are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or mental health condition. They are not a substitute for consultation with a licensed physician or therapist. If Client is seeking medical or mental health services, consult a qualified professional outside the context of the Services. Client agrees to receive these services at their own risk.

Ovio has made every effort to accurately represent the Services and their potential; however, each individual’s learning depends on many factors, including their dedication, desire, motivation, background, and work ethic. Client’s results rely upon their participation and it is expected that they participate in all components to fulfill the outcome they seek.


Prices for services and website content access may be subject to change but changes are always made available via our website, our pricing sheet, or by email.

By committing to work together, Client acknowledges that they have read, agreed to and accepted all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.