Ovio comes from the Italian, “ovvio”, meaning clear or obvious.
For us, it’s about finding clarity and perspective in a stressed-out, digitally dependent world.

Ovio Mindfulness helps you cut through the complexity, overwhelm and noise in your head to find clarity and live with greater purpose, balance and ease.

Inspired by ancient wisdom traditions and backed by modern neuroscience, Ovio Mindfulness brings mindfulness to life in an engaging, practical and inspiring way.

Ovio Mindfulness is for anyone who wants to savor life.  For anyone who wants to find joy and appreciation for all life has to offer.  For anyone who wants to connect deeply to themselves and to others, and to live with purpose, wellness and compassion.

Ovio Mindfulness offers a range of tailored personal and professional development solutions based on modern, science-backed mindfulness techniques.

Why Ovio Mindfulness?


Ovio Mindfulness is the perfect antidote to the stress and overwhelm so prevalent in our modern lives.  

Our diverse and experienced team offers a wide range of Ovio Mindfulness experiences, from workplace seminars to mindfulness retreats and mindfulness teacher trainings we cater to all your mindfulness needs.

Ovio Mindfulness offers an engaging and inspiring learning environment with high quality resources and pragmatic, practical and actionable tools for you implement into daily life.  

 That’s the Ovio difference!


Our story


Cheryl Strawbridge, the founder and driving force behind Ovio Mindfulness, discovered mindfulness in 2008 when using it as a tool in her thriving life coaching practice.  She quickly witnessed the profound transformational effects of mindfulness in both her clients lives and her own. 

A scientist by background (with degrees in Biochemistry and Psychology and extensive experience in the healthcare sector), Cheryl was inspired to create her own unique brand of Mindfulness. One to bring the evidence based ancient practices to life in an engaging, practical and inspiring way.  And, with support from experienced and respected mindfulness teachers both nationally and internally, … Ovio Mindfulness was born!


“Teaching mindfulness feels like the worthiest way for me to be using my time — teaching people how to be more conscious and deliberate about how they live. When I was younger I advocated for change any way I could to make the world a better place. Now I feel the most effective thing is to work one heart at a time — there is so much potential for positive change in each person, which ripples out into communities, businesses and into the world.”  Cheryl Strawbridge.


Demand for Ovio Mindfulness grew quickly and Cheryl now supports and coordinates a global team of experienced professional Mindfulness consultants.


 About Our Courses


All Ovio courses are based on scientific evidence that practising mindfulness improves our health, psyche, and overall quality of life.

Our courses and programs are targeted to meet individual and group needs. The are a fun and interactive mix of Mindfulness theory, practise and discussion.

 You’ll learn how to use powerful and practical mindfulness techniques to; improve clarity, focus, engagement and productivity; reduce stress, anxiety and irritability; repair sleep, increase energy levels and enhance your well-being, resilience and relationships with others.


How is Ovio Mindfulness beneficial?


As we get older we tend to live ‘in our heads’. Most of the time we find ourselves on autopilot. Our thoughts wander in any direction they like, to the past or the future. They may relay real events or invent false scenarios. The process is completely random – so random that most of the time we don’t even notice it happening!

We may not notice our thoughts but they have a profound role to play in how we live our lives. When we take the time to consciously acknowledge our thinking we become better able to respond, rather than simply react, to situations. Mindfulness training teaches us to break free of habitual thinking. We become able to tap into our body’s natural relaxation response allowing us to deal with life’s ups-and-downs with greater resilience and awareness.

Ovio Mindfulness allows us to master our minds allowing us to reach our highest potential.


100% Money back guarantee

If you attend any of our courses and you are not satisfied with our service we will refund you 100% of the course fee.


Mindfulness reduces stress and anxiety
Mindfulness has been shown to reduce the reactivity of our limbic system associated with flight or fight, thereby reducing stress and anxiety and improves decision making and cognition.
(Eight Weeks to A Better Brain, Harvard Gazette)

Mindfulness assists with improved physical health
Reduced stress not only improves mental emotional wellbeing but it has been shown to reduce inflammation and improve the immune response leading to better physical health.
(Workplace Based Mindfulness Practice and InflammationNational Center for Biotechnology Information)

Mindfulness improves mental cognition
Neurosciences also shows that practising regular mindfulness causes positive structural and functional changes within the brain, increasing gray matter in the upper cortex, which is associated with higher level thinking.
(Mindfulness Practice Leads to Increases in Regional Brain Gray Matter DensityNational Center for Biotechnology Information)

Mindfulness initiates the body’s natural relaxation response
Mindfulness initiates the body’s natural relaxation response lowering blood pressure and heart rate.
(Functional Brain Mapping of the Relation Response and Meditation, Neuroreport)