Peter is an Ovio-accredited Mindfulness Consultant. He has a background in Mechanical Engineering with a BE(Hons) and growing the internet as a Web Developer.

Peter encountered mindfulness through Google’s “Search Inside Yourself” book. He found it immensely helpful to his work and personal life, and mindfulness became his core practice.

“Mindfulness enables me to learn fearlessly, work more calmly with challenges and form stronger, more humorous relationships.” – Peter

Peter loves sharing the simple mindfulness tools that have been so transformational for him, and is moved by the positive effects mindfulness has on participants’ work and personal lives.

Peter is really passionate about Ovio mindfulness. We asked him “what’s different about Ovio?” Peter’s response: “To me, the Ovio difference is clarity and accessibility. Mindfulness has a very clear, simple core. You’ve experienced it at moments in your life. Ovio courses and presentations are evidence-based and a really accessible and effective way for people to continuously access their own wisdom and clarity with mindfulness tools”. Thanks, Peter!

As part of the Mindfulness for Change Kaitiaki, Peter coordinates and hosts hui to gather people from diverse sectors, disciplines and parts of New Zealand to work together on systemic change.

Otherwise you’ll find him working with Physiotherapist and Ethical Business Strategist Bart DeVries to create office spaces that make healthy and high-performance behaviours the default.

Peter lives in Newtown with friends and two beautiful toddlers.