Kim is an Accredited Mindfulness Coach and professional Human Resources Consultant.

With a graduate diploma in Human Resources Management, Kim currently works at POD Consulting facilitating professional development and wellness workshops, and providing training, to both organisations and the public.

Having spent her professional career managing and assisting both businesses and employees with workplace issues, Kim initially found mindfulness as a coping mechanism for her own workplace stress, which she often took home and found would keep her awake during the nighttime. She then discovered how not only an individual’s personal life, but also the wider workplace, can be positively impacted when we have an understanding of our own mindset.

She is passionate about self-growth, training and facilitation, and loves seeing people develop, becoming their best selves. Kim has found practising Mindfulness, compassion and related self-awareness work, has allowed her to slow down, focus on the present and ensure her mental and holistic wellbeing are being prioritised. This positive shift has seen not only her career path change but also her lifestyle, with a much larger focus on overall wellbeing in general.

Having travelled extensively throughout her life, Kim now lives on the edge of the Auckland/Hauraki region with her partner and their children, enjoying the lifestyle living by the ocean provides them with – fishing, kayaking, travelling and exploring our wonderful beaches and forests.