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Ovio Online mindfulness program $125 (NZD)

Get Instant access to this online self study course as an introduction to
This is our introductory program based on scientific evidence that practising mindfulness improves our health, psyche, and overall quality of life.

Perfect for those new to mindfulness or for those after a fresh approach!

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Ovio Deep Dive or Teach Mindfulness Accreditation

(online or in person options) $475 -$975 (NZD)

This course is designed for you to develop or enhance your own personal mindfulness practice, broaden your professional skill base, and gain the skills and resources needed to share and teach mindfulness to others in a personal or professional setting. It’s a hugely rewarding experience.

Upon completion of this course you will be certified as an Ovio Mindfulness Accredited facilitator.

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Ovio Mindful Kids Online $125 NZD

Get Instant access to this online self study course. This will
equip you with the skills, understanding and materials to share mindfulness with children at home.

The kids course is designed for children 4-12 years old. Ovio’s fun, simple and engaging exercises will enable kids to sustain attention, regulate behaviour, make good choices and form healthy relationships.

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Become a Certified Ovio Mindful Kids Coach!

(Online or in person options) $475 -$495 NZD

This will train you to deliver the Ovio Mindful kids course in accordance with your training and experience. Gain the skills and resources to deliver mindfulness to kids in an engaging, practical and effective way.

You can offer this course commercially*
*To be licensed to deliver Ovio Mindful kids classes commercially you need to do be a graduate of Ovio Deep dive or Teach Mindfulness accreditation and a member of Ovio Mindfulness Professional Network.

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Ovio Mindfulness Professionals Network Membership

This professional membership is only offered to graduates of the Ovio Deep Dive or Teach accreditation program wanting to run Ovio Mindful kids or Ovio Mindfulness One courses commercially. This professional network provides the licensing, continuing education, resources and support needed to teach Ovio Mindfulness One and Ovio Mindful kids courses commercially. Upon invite only.

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gordon roberts

I was better equipped to manage my stress and find space to lead with creativity and compassion.”

Dr. Gordon Roberts


“The whole experience was the best thing I have ever done… absolutely no regrets.”

Dan Carson


“Mindfulness has made parenting so much more enjoyable and rewarding. My sleep has also improved!”

Kim Kelly


“Ovio has been transformative for me. Where I would have previously felt stressed or anxious, I now feel calm.”

Nicole Kirkham