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Learn How To Teach Mindfulness

Teaching mindfulness is hugely rewarding. In this course you’ll learn powerful and practical techniques that will enhance your own mindfulness practice, and enable you to share what you’ve learnt to help others achieve greater wellness, resilience and performance through mindfulness.

Use Ovio's Course Material

Once you’ve completed the course you’ll become an accredited Ovio Mindfulness One Teacher. Using our Ovio Teachers Kit you’ll be ready to deliver our Mindfulness One course in a way that suits your personal or professional aspirations. As well as regular course and material updates, you’ll also be invited to join the Ovio Professionals Network* and receive ongoing training and support.

Grow Yourself And Your Business

Not only will you grow personally by becoming an Ovio mindfulness teacher, you’ll also grow professionally ­– by broadening your skills and delivering our step-by step Mindfulness One program in your own unique way, to expand what you offer to your clients or build a mindfulness business of your own.


Four attributes every Ovio mindfulness teacher
should have:

•   Acceptance    •   Compassion    •   Non-judgement    •   Kindness

These are at the foundation of Ovio’s mindfulness training. While some knowledge of mindfulness is useful, anyone from any background can teach mindfulness, you don’t need any particular prior training.

Ovio mindfulness courses are secular and evidence-based. Our goal is to see you draw on and integrate your own life experience, expertise and wisdom to teach and deliver our step-by-step Mindfulness One program in your own unique way.

We guarantee you’ll grow both personally and professionally through teaching Ovio’s mindfulness courses.

Listen to Emily, Helen and Jen as they share their experience of becoming Ovio Mindfulness teachers


Wellness Warriors

Yoga teachers, coaches, health and wellbeing practitioners – if you have an existing business and want to add value by adding Ovio mindfulness to your mix, our teacher training makes it easy.

Intentional Leaders

If you’re a HR manager, corporate leader, executive or team manager, becoming an accredited Ovio mindfulness teacher allows you to train others in your organisation and build teams of peak performers.

Inspired Individuals

Anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and practice of mindfulness or build a mindfulness business. Our proven training and accreditation program gives you the foundation you need to get started.


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Day 1 (Half Day)

1pm – 4pm
For those of you who have attended Ovio Mindfulness One previously this is a great chance to refresh your learning.

Experience the Ovio Mindfulness One course first hand. Relax, revitalise and connect with others while you learn powerful, yet practical mindfulness techniques that will improve all aspects of your personal and professional life. Using grounded examples from everyday life, we will reference research where appropriate, and have fun in a relaxed and secular environment.

Session One: Intention and Motivation  |  Session Two: A Calm Clear Mind  |  Session Three: Relating to Others
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Day 2

9am – 5pm
Learn how to teach Ovio Mindfulness One: Session One

As a group we’ll dive into Session One: Intention and Motivation in depth. Working in pairs we’ll practice presenting: What is Mindfulness?; Secrets of the mind unveiled; The truth about multi-tasking; and the Ovio Mindful Body Scan exercise. Using a powerful coaching model we’ll tap into the creative energy of the group to maximize your learning and insights. Be prepared to share from the heart – we believe that vulnerability helps open a safe space from which others will discover new potential within themselves.

Food and drink is provided throughout the day.

Day 3

9am – 5pm
Learn how to teach Ovio Mindfulness One: Sessions Two and Three

Together we’ll look at Sessions Two and Three: A Calm Clear Mind & Relating to Others in greater depth. You’ll build on your increased self-awareness and participate openly in our group discussions. You’ll practice presenting Session Two and Three’s topics: Managing stress; Engaging fully in life; Dealing with difficult emotions; Mindful breathing; Communication; Empathy and compassion; Ovio Mindful Pause; Integration and change; and you’ll learn how to lead group discussions.

Food and drink is provided throughout the day.


A limited number of scholarships are available for those with prior Mindfulness training where price is a barrier. Apply now.

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2.5-Day Workshop

Each of the three sessions from the Ovio Mindfulness One course will be covered in great depth to ensure you are comfortable embodying and delivering the teachings.

Accreditation Certificate

Upon completion of the course, you will be accredited to deliver public Ovio Mindfulness One courses* in a way that suits your lifestyle, life experience and professional expertise.

Ovio Mindfulness One Teaching Kit

Includes: Ovio Mindfulness Journal, Workbook, Mindfulness One PowerPoint, Presenter Guide and Audio Content

Nourishing Catering

Full catering will be provided throughout the training workshops. We do our best to cater to all, but please do let us know if you have specific dietary requirements.


Still have questions? Call 027 664 6449 to talk to Cheryl Strawbridge for more information or email info@ovio.co.nz
If you have a group who would like Ovio teacher training run in your area please get in touch.

*Upon accreditation you will be invited to become a member of the Ovio Professionals Network

For a monthly membership fee of just $27 you’ll receive:

• A license to deliver Ovio Mindfulness One courses commercially

• Ongoing opportunities for you to connect, grow and be inspired by others in the Ovio Professionals Network

• Access to all Ovio Mindfulness One course updates, material, events and retreats

• Access to the Ovio website to list and promote your own mindfulness events

• Access to Ovio marketing resources

• Invitations to attend live monthly webinars

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